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Dedicated to being the largest online factory store & wholesale outlet of original brand name manufacturers.To make your satisfaction assured 111% is our first mission!


Who we are?
USA111 INC.A reputable US-based corporation,located in Columbus,Ohio,United States.Have many Partnership factories worldwide,our R&D Dept has strong thrusts to design and develop high-tech products for better human life.buy it with confidence.


Our ultra-modern factory,situated in Shenzhen,Guanddong Province of China,currently,has a production area of some1500 square meters. Employing some of the worlds most advanced research and development laboratories,our superb manufacturing and production facilities with the latest in automatic micro Electronic assembly and flow solder facilities, a quality assurance inspectorate and an advanced final test and shipping department. Equipped with the most modern test and measuring equipment,highly sophisticated automatic assembly,soldering and production systems, accurate production planning is maintained, ensuring reliable delivery schedules and times which are maintained and achieved.Equally, these facilities ensure consistency and ensure Quality, Reliability and Performance standards are maintained at all times on all products.
USA111 Inc serves an ever growing market, world wide,with technologically advanced and reliably engineered “state-of-the-art” Hi-tech DIGITAL OEM and our own in house “Branded” products for the MP3 Player & USB Drives. We want to assure you that we will continue to provide the finest products and a world-class service with complete integrity.Our total commitment to our ideal of providing SERVICE, QUALITY, PERFORMANCE and doing everything that will contribute to the SUCCESS of all of our own Customers.
With our well-trained oversea SALES and SERVICE offices available and ready to serve You, coupled with our Direct FACTORY to YOU policy,we believe that You will find the ADVANTAGES of USA111 overwhelmingly beneficial to You and your Customers.


Business objectives
1. To provide high quality products and services to customers under the principle of " honesty and reputation"
2. To provide employees with stable incomes and ample opportunities for self-development.
3. To provide a fair and reasonable sales system to distributors, on the basis of mutual benefit and common development.
4. To provide profitable returns to our stockholders.


Why are we here?
To make your satisfaction assured 111% is the starting point of our business.As an online outlet of factories,we have the natural mission to offer quality products with best price as well as best service,meanwhile let our resellers reap big profit margin.We have great strengths to guarantee your satisfaction: direct from manufacturers,powerful research & development strengths,negotiation power with raw material suppliers,most popular brand, strict quality control system, highly competitive management team,highly efficient supply chain system, excellent enterprises culture,professional and prompt service,etc. Shoulder to shoulder,hand in hand, the most important reason why we are here is to cooperate with our customers to build up a high-tech enjoyable life for human being.Our success comes from this basic mission, making money is just the subsequent event. Success belongs to us as long as we sincerely stand to serve you to the best.


How we are providing No.1 price, No.1 quality and No.1 service?
No.1 Price: how do we calculate our price?we use the cost-based pricing method,not competitor-based price, also not customer-psychology pricing.As long as we can cover our basic costs and make a small profit margin, we have been satisfied.We won't float up with competitors when all boats float up, neither we do cheat our customers with abnormally high price when consumers feel our high-tech quality products deserve such a high price. We won't do that! We just want to make a stable profit and provide as much life convenience to our customers as we can, or let our resellers make as much profit as we can.